Hall of Fame - Batting | Joondalup-Kinross Junior Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1918939011516546338618791*Jean P WhitmoreJKJCC U14 Gold2019/2020Under 14 Central 2 Day2 1BLCC U14
2699628571516546335636269*Lincoln FieldhouseJKJCC U13 Gold2019/2020Under 13 Central15 1WGJCC U13 Boomers
36719053491516546335643967Kyle Jaimie MaraisJKJCC U13 White2019/2020Under 13 North15 1QRJCC U13 White
46615826521516546337083166*Hadyn AllsopJKJCC U15 Gold2019/2020Under 15 Central 2 Day5 1BLCC U15
56510444121516546335628965*Aidan PoultonJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central3 1BLCC U13
6639628571516546335629063Lincoln FieldhouseJKJCC U13 Gold2019/2020Under 13 Central3 1KWJCC U13 Gold
75812613781516546335629458*Flynn CopelandJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central4 1WGJCC U13 Kangas
85712504521516546335629457*Coen DaviesJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central4 1WGJCC U13 Kangas
95610971951516546335637456*Harvey Spawton-GuyJKJCC U13 White2019/2020Under 13 North2 1KWJCC U13 Maroon
10569617641516546335635556*Boyd FewsonJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central14 1BLCC U13
115412849091516546335643854*Darcy KeenanJKJCC U13 Black2019/2020Under 13 North15 1DCJCC U13 Gold
125312504521516546335633953*Coen DaviesJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central11 1SDJCC U13 Kookaburras
135212504521516546335630452*Coen DaviesJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central5 1QRJCC U13 Blue
145212504521516546335631152*Coen DaviesJKJCC U13 Green2019/2020Under 13 Central6 1DCJCC U13 Blue
155214543911516546335631452Jayden RothamJKJCC U13 Gold2019/2020Under 13 Central7 1WhitJCC U13 White
165219053491516546335640552*Kyle Jaimie MaraisJKJCC U13 White2019/2020Under 13 North8 1WhitJCC U13 Green
175110416771516546335640251*Daniel ReayJKJCC U13 Black2019/2020Under 13 North8 1WannJCC U13
185012640411516546335629650*Lachlan ScottJKJCC U13 Gold2019/2020Under 13 Central4 1WGJCC U13 Boomers
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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