CJCC Rules 2014/2015

Rotation Clarification:

We agreed at an earlier association meeting that to fit within the CJCC  rotation rules, that the following method could apply as following (for both batting and bowling).

Please note that the following applies for grades U13's up. The rules for 10-12's are very clear regarding the rotation rules. 

  1. Cannot bat or bowl in same position in first innings more than 3 times in the season, not including finals.
  2. Cannot bat or bowl in same position for two consecutive games, remembering that no's 1 and 2 are counted as the same position for both batting and bowling
  3. No points awarded for outright wins – only points for runs and wickets .

This does not mean that you should bat or bowl one or a number of players at the bottom end of the batting or bowling order. 
But it does give you some flexibility in ensuring that players do not occupy the same batting or bowling position in consecutive weeks.

The rules also state that someone who does not bowl, or bat in previous first innings MUST bat or bowl in next game (first innings) unless ill or injured.

If this is the case you must put this information in the coach's report in MyCricket to ensure that these issues are clear and transparent to the clubs, other teams and the association.

The CJCC Rules for your age group are printed within your team manual, and the full rules can be accessed from: